Hope you all will enjoy. It is a large piece and so can be done as a project by more than one person and once mastered this is an ideal everyday piece to beautify your yard. The answer is simple. This beautiful Rangoli can be easily done by beginners. We will also provide you over you for these things that how they are mad and what things you have to use. The festival of Kolam is the origin for this Rangoli design, but you can do this on any religious occasion. If you ever need to do one quickly, you may do this one as it is super easy and takes less time than the other ones. This design can be done on any occasion or festival as per your need. Rangoli is created free-hand. We love how a hexagon is used to create this lovely rangoli. They are small and can be made easily. 4. pots rangoli designs. Make these simple rangoli designs for beginners. You can try to use as many different colours as possible for a different effect each time. We love its simplicity and believe this can be done by even an inexperienced Rangoli maker. This kolam uses a five by five dot grid. You can be able to do 4 x 4 Dots Rangoli, 6 x 4 Dots Rangoli, 6 x 6 Dots Rangoli, 8 x 6 Dots Rangoli, 8 x 8 Dots Rangoli, or 10 x 10 Dots Rangoli. We hope you all love these designs and do mention if you know better ones. 16. The dots make the work simple and beginners can attempt it and with patience and practice they will produce a beautiful piece. In Tamil Nadu, people use white rice powder to create Kolam. Using this as a building block you can make as many patterns as you wish. They just put some dots and then their hands will move so fast. The design is quite easy and can be done by beginners too. It has colourful free hand rangoli designs for festivals - Diwali rangoli, Sankranthi muggulu ,Margazhi / Pongal kolam . This one is quite easy to do even for a beginner. It is a very simple design that children and beginners can do every day to beautify your courtyard. A great occasion to do this would be to the place where you place your idol for worship, or at your house entrance. Once the colours have been filled in the true beauty of the piece is seen. Swans are a common feature in Rangolis along with Peacock designs. 6. The following two tabs change content below. This floral rangoli design is simple. Elegant Rangoli Designs with Dots. Simple Rangoli Design with 5 Dots – Now we will talk about a simple rangoli design with dots and after reading this you will able to draw simple Rangoli is this festive season at your home. Bird motifs have been used to make this Rangoli and the centre piece stars make it very attractive for welcoming visitors to your home. The main theme here is leaves, flowers and other floral like patterns. There are twelve similar looking Sankha’s with six of them forming a flower rangoli pattern and the others a circle around the flower. This one is shaped as an octagon and is different from the usual square or round shaped rangoli. Ideal for religious festivals and occasions as it brings out the all the beauty on the design. This is a simple design without any fuss. The floral pattern in the middle is surrounded by four butterflies in each direction. 22. The floral design filled with coloured grain and rice is a simple Rangoli that can be made by beginners using ordinary items from the kitchen. 4. pots rangoli designs. Make Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs with Dots. 8. Aug 24, 2020 explore gayathri nidhi's board "dot kolam" on pinterest. This can be done at any place and on any occasion. Your email address will not be published. You may be wondering how all these women makes rangoli so perfect. Copyright © 2011 - 2021 Incnut Digital. Diwali rangoli with 9 dots – Deepam rangoli designs – easy lotus Kolam – simple Diwali Muggulu #441 – Video Tutorial So we bring you some rangolis which are just created by adding points. In this Rangoli, we see dots being used to draw the motifs of peacocks and flowers. A rangoli can be of various shapes and sizes and can be as colourful or somber too. Using this as a building block you can make as many patterns as you wish. Jan 13, 2021 - Explore Kanchan Mandhane's board "simple rangoli" on Pinterest. So you may do it on any possible occasion on any part of your house or other such places. Some simple patterns are shown here. Professional dots rangoli. Rangoli Designs Without Dots: The Full Circle: This rangoli is huge and the circular shape makes it a standout. Using the grid as a reference I have encircled the dots with spindle, oval, diamond and a petal shape. We can see again in this Rangoli that the swan design is used along with multiple geometric designs which make this Rangoli look quite unique from the rest. Oct 22, 2020 - Explore Lamiaa Ahmed's board "Muggulu design" on Pinterest. Also the peacock motif is something which is unique. 14. Now this one is slightly difficult design having floral, geometric patterns and motifs. The dots are joined to form the Lotus Shape. The main feature of this is the white patterns over the black background. Lines and circles have been used a lot and it can be a good family project. The lights in the piece make it ideal for religious occasions even though it can still be made for everyday beauty of the house or yard. All you need to do is make dots and join them as shown. Cute Simple Rangoli Design with 3 Dots | Two Easy Beginners Kolam | Small Lotus Muggulu Kolangal 1 Daily Kolam With 5*1 Dots | Easy Rangoli Designs | Small Lotus Muggulu | Very Simple Rang Kolangal It requires skill and patience and beginners may find it a bit hard but with patience and practice it can be done. It requires a large space in order for the true beauty of the piece to be seen. So what about when you start Rangoli from one side and by the time you reach other side it it became big or small. The use of geometric shapes is evident and this makes this Rangoli quite different from other common ones we are quite used to see. 23. If you are a bit more adventurous you can try to fill it with different colours to enhance it, otherwise even without colours it is still a beautiful piece. If you are bigger, you can start with the simple kolam designs with dots. The effect would be just brilliant. In order for the beauty of the art work to be seen it requires a large space like the yard or large rooms. Women usually clean their yard and lay their kolam. You also have a choice to keep the designs monochrome or use colours over it. The design is made simply connecting the dots with straight lines which makes it very easy for beginners to try. Simple Kolam Designs for Beginners. We think this one is quite apt for an occasion.