Lincoln: Ladies, don't worry. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Like all the other parents, Mr. and Mrs. LEGO City Adventures. The Loud House T3 . Lucy: Are you okay? The Loud siblings have been keeping somethings away from their family. Lincoln: No offense Lynn, but, Sisters: LINCOLN!!! Lincoln: I'm gonna beat you! Follow/Fav The Loud House: Secrets. Lincoln: Really? Gatinha Unicórnio Borboleta Arco-Íris. She also mentioned an old photo where she’s seen wearing earrings. Once I heard your accent and learned that you live and work on a farm, I couldn't stop thinking about you and I realized that I like you. As the oldest of the family, Lori has a hard task of keeping everyone in check. Lola: (slaps him) Lincoln! We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Cartoons Loud House. Next to him was a girl named Paige, who was also playing on a Nintendo DS system. The story follows a large family with unique cartoon characters. By jgodzilla1212 Watch. Clyde: (s. Premise: When the siblings find out who Sam is, they decide to help Luna win her heart. O papai pede ajuda dos filhos para uma ideia para a inauguração do restaurante, o que ele não esperava eram tantas promoções e tanta gente! Mundo Avatar com La Pereztroica. Política de Privacidade; Termos de Uso (groans and faints; comes to later, babbling) Potty...sandbox...lion tamer...lasagna... Loud had been horrified of the thought of their children's school catching on fire. I just got banned from school sports in general! One day she was reading a book and Lori would check on her every five seconds. The Loud House The Secret Luna And Lincoln Love Luna Loud Te the loud house comic the secret is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. Lincoln: Heh, that is true. The Loud kids are having a secret meeting in Lori and Leni's room at night. (she shows the package to Lori) Inside this very package is the most secret-y secret of all of secret-dom and I am it's only witness! Loud House theories about relationships between the characters!Subscribe: MORE:New Videos! I actually have an outfit at my house I’ve been saving for a special ... then back at Clyde before slamming the locker closed so loud that the metal clang echoes the hallway. É o Pônei. Lucy, Lana, and Lola sat in Lori, Leni, and Luan's laps, respectively. Would they? Loud House: Mutant World by omegacrow-nexus 35.9K 392 19 When lisa invents and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it unleashed a devastating explosion throughout the entire world. Lincoln: (to viewer) Today's an interesting day, it's Elementary Day at the high school, a day for us elementary school kids from grades 1-5 to come with high school students and get a glimpse of our future. I also think you're really cute and funny. She stops to breathe) Maybe if you like saw what was inside, you'd probably know why it has to be secret. The kids are having a good time, and Lincoln explains to the view… Comment. You're babbling! Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. At the Royal Woods high school, Lori and Lincoln walking through the cafeteria with their lunch in hand. But it turns out, her character made several mistakes you might have missed. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. Once he clears his throat, he reads it: "Dear Liam, I've been smitten with you since the day I met you. Tudo Em Cima. (The game the two were playing was Mario Kart DS. In the Loud house, all the siblings sat together on the couch. I got paired with Lori while Lucy went with Leni and the twins went with Luna. Despite not knowing what Mona Lisa was, she was able to recognize the picture in an earlier episode. 10 Mistakes In The Loud House You Might Have Missed - YouTube Here is my surprise fanfiction, despite being short that is. Nick Master Slime. He’s too embarrassed to ride this bike and decides to take another from his sister Lynn. We’ll be talking about Lori, Leni, Lincoln, Lily, Lola, Lynn, and several other characters from “The Loud House!”-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: more videos and articles visit: Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. MPN 2019. Club 57. Then Saturday, the Loud house was still Loud as usual, but their eyes was glued on Lucy's. Lynn: Yes, it was soccer practice and I was going to hit the goal line, but then out of nowhere, I was tackled, then one of my teammates refused to pass it to me, so I tackled one of my teammates causing her ankle to sprain, that's when I knew, I got a slip and Principal Ramirez just banned me from playing sports, not just soccer, not just football, not just basketball, sports in general, all because I was-- Lincoln: >interrupts Lynn< Too rough. A Família Mais Musical. After a race, Paige had gotten first place) Lisa: Then he caught a glimpse of Lori and lost consciousness. He then hides the envelope behind his back, which is pointless since his friend already saw it. 2 Comments. They're not sure if their family would understand. (Lincoln and Paige stand up and head. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Lori: Seems like your lucky day to come with us to our high school when they're serving the taco salad. They're discussing about their deepest, darkest secrets: Lincoln accidentally broke their Dad's disco ball with his remote-control airplane, Lori accidentally scratched the van with her rhinestone purse, Luna caused a citywide blackout during her jam session, and Lucy dyed their Mom's wedding dress black for her pretend betrothal. Paige: Not until I beat you first! Say, I'm getting a little bit hungry. I've been a fan of The Loud House for over a year now and have been wanting to get back into writing fanfic recently, given I haven't wrote one since 2014 (and my writing skills have noticeably improved since then) I wanted to see what I could do with the concept of certain members of the Loud family having secrets or things about them you wouldn't otherwise expect. Slime É Nick. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Paige: There's a hot dog stand nearby, let's go grab some. Lori: What are you doing with all our stuff? Rita and Lynn Loud had decided to take a much deserved vacation now that most of their children had plans that got them out of the house for an extended period of time. It's a heavy burden, Lori, but nobody, not even our family, must know the secret of the package. Os Casagrandes. Dia de Brincar 2020 | Restaurante Lotado. Snap out of it! By: MariWrite's. 28/10/2020. Noobees. What’s the truth, Lori? Liam says. I can't believe I forgot to load the film. He then hands Lynn’s bike to Lana, but still uses it in a few other episodes!Leni and Lola are the two fashionistas in the house, but Leni did something we haven’t seen Lola do. 5 Things You Never Noticed In The Loud House Intro - YouTube The Loud House. Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily each have an individual personality, but have you ever noticed these 10 mistakes in “The Loud House?” Have you ever noticed Lincoln’s pink bike in “Hand-Me-Downer” that used to belong to Lori? Lynn: >annoyed, to Lincoln< SHUT UP STINKOLN!!! As soon as the kids got home, they were swamped by their older siblings. She says her earrings were given to her by Bobby, but Bobby wasn’t even her boyfriend in that photo! Make sure to check out our video to find out the 10 mistakes in “The Loud House” you might have missed. Lynn: >annoyed< What's wrong?!?! Notinoobees. The Loud House Shortfic #*@%!-Secrets. "I'm alright reading it out loud." (It cuts to Lincoln and Clyde as they are in The Loud House living room as he has something to explain to him about something...), (It starts with Lincoln playing a videogame on his PS4 playing "Crash Bandicoot 4: It's about time" where he plays on the prehistoric levels, there, the front door was busted open by an angry Lynn Loud, she storms into the house with an angry expression and breathing heavily, Lincoln paused the game and asked Lynn) Lincoln: Hey Lynn, what's wrong? In one episode, she’s seen doing her nails, despite the fact none of the characters are actually shown to have nails on their fingers! Clyde told us what you were trying to do. Then Leni would come in her and Lynn's room to give her a new black dress,Lucy honestly doesn't want it, but accepted the gift. WHAT'S WRONG?!?! Paige: Well, I have been playing Mario Kart for a long time. Mundo Avatar. Lola: (notices and gasps) That tiara is never supposed to touch the ground! Hora de Brincar. Lincoln: Dang, that's your fifth win in a row! I won! Try out ThePremium Network for free“The Loud House” has proven to be one of the most popular Nickelodeon shows since 2016. Kid's Choice Awards 2020. 8 Favourites. Add to Favourites. I'm going to put everything back, right after I develop this- (opens the camera only to discover there's no film in it; devastated) NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now that he was 16 they felt that Lincoln could be trusted to look after his younger siblings, and with Lucy being not much younger she was also asked to lend a hand for the month that they would be away. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Paige: (excited) Yay! The two came to a table the other five sisters were sitting in, In the park on a sunny yet cloudy day, Lincoln was sitting on a park bench playing on his Nintendo DS.