Sweet!!! If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I don't know diddlysquat about Star Wars but I'm enjoying learning about it. See more ideas about star wars, lego star wars party, war. I DONT NEED DATA! Hes going to ignore one good hit but after that he will only have one brace which means he is pretty vulnerable at least to rebels and imps. That video was awesome! Kit Fisto vertically slashed to death by Palpatine. The animation really is amazing. d) No. “Would you be interested in having dinner with me, perhaps tomorrow evening?” It felt like your ears were suddenly stuffed with cotton, and it took you a moment to regain your composure. Kit Fisto from Star Wars: The Clone Wars always has a bit of a smile on his face, making his actual smile a rather big cheesy grin. I need to check out The Clone Wars at some point. Kit Fisto is the one sent in search for them and happens upon the planet while using Ashoka’s detailed flight plan.   Pasted as rich text. You can post now and register later.   Your previous content has been restored. Luke Skywalker with Black Hood, Black Cape. "What did I say about letting your apprentice rest?" Display as a link instead, × Once you get to him, you have to eat counter 2/adept 2. And I also want to take Ani and Ahsoka? Kit comes with a grin, enhanced articulation, and his former student's lightsaber. clontroper5, December 1, 2020 in Star Wars: Armada, c)his ability is literally a worse scatter. c) It may be worse than scatter, but its Harder to Accuracy. See more ideas about star wars, star wars art, clone wars. If it bypassed ACC i would be fine with him  Also, you can wear the same grin when you do so. I don't know much about this series, but I'm sure getting interested in it because of you. Kit Fisto was a Nautolan (the name comes from a nautilus sea creature, because he has tentacles on his head) Jedi Master. a) Not enough Data. Reply Good karma Bad karma +4 votes. Thus Darth Krakan was born. Originally posted by lacuna-matata. I watched the video and agree, the animation is very good.   You cannot paste images directly. "When the king of Mon Cala is assassinated, talks break down between the Mon Calamari people and the Quarren, co-inhabitants of the aquatic world. So it can eat a shot meant for a fragile, overpriced squadron like Kit Fisto. sw0421. I thought that blurb was a poem. Especially since Intel also grants Grit to Kit himself, meaning its even easier to disengage. Obi-Wan wondered if Fisto had done this just as a favor to his Padawan, as a fellow amphibious alien, but then he decided that no, Fisto … Kit Fisto knows the government is corrupted and controlled by the corporations, so he treats Anakin and Obi-Wan to a big grin. I'm starting to think I must see it. He was a Jedi Master who had an intense focus, particularly in combat. Guest May 21 2020. Fisto, the green-skinned Nautolan, gave his signature grin and nodded in return. Dude, I know I'm obscenely weird, but "Kit Fisto" sounds like a porn star. Everyone else was fighting or dieing. I love that smirk and then leap onto the ship. There's so much to love about Star Wars. b) Maybe. The clip was all you said it was. Great post! We don't know very much about Kit Fisto - he's another Jedi in the Arena battle. @clontroper5 why Kit or Plo? Kit Fisto gave them his signature beaming grin. Kit Fisto is such a great name. Such great characters that all came to naught in the films. "I'll be in the Room of … d) No. He later had Nahdar Vebb as his Padawan. You obviously never played Tel Trevura with Asteroid Tactics. Click to Embiggen. None of these have any warnings other than the fluffiest content! 287 votes, 13 comments. Clear editor. More weird creatures!Have a great weekend! 2. any other intel ship, the other jedi, morna kee, Because we havn't seen Intel shake out yet, really. They seem like a futuristic sci-fi kind of technology, but I wonder if they'd ever become an everyday household item during our lifetime. This is why I love the CW - you get to learn more about these characters we love. Feb 24, 2016 - Explore Nicole Bell's board "Kit Fisto" on Pinterest. I love when he's fighting and then gives a big grin as he destroys a droid. Why would you fly jedi with clone pilots? × You would think General Grievous would win that one hands down, but Kit is beyond impressive. Its not like Jan's along for the Ride or anything.I guess if you NEED intel he is it. Appearances. Kit Fisto was a Nautolan male with green skin, large black eyes, a gathered tangle of flexible tentacle-tresses extending from his head, and a height of 1.96 meters. He's not great, and probably the worst of the Jedi aces, but he still has a place in a minimal ball I think. I think I'd rather take Plo Koon and Reserve Hangar Decks than Fisto at this time, but we'll see. Reserve Hangar Deck isn’t as appealing for the Republic as any of the other factions because V-19s have 5 hit points whereas the other factions’ Swarm squadrons have 3, and RHD only sets the replacement squadron to 2 hit points. sw0046. Thanks for sharing it. INSECURITY & ANXIETY: If im gonna fly Kit Fisto, Asteroid Tactics will be an autoinclude. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Just stopping by for my daily dose of all things Str Wars. In the Art of the Attack of the Clones book, it says Kit's design started out as a Sith Lord! Anakin Skywalker (Sith Face, Cape) sw0419. He was a silent servant of darkness, his only display of emotion his disconcerting grin. I always thought that was b.s., but I guess Lucas just really wanted Darth Sidious to come across as someone you cannot mess with unless you are Yoda or Mace Windu or Darth Vader.This made me think of some making-of show I saw about a movie (The Rock I think, but if not that then something similar) and they talked about how the military went in and got captured in next to no time. I thought I used to be a Star Wars fan, but you're showing me how much more there is to the Star Wars universe. It's like they went with Windu to arrest the first known Sith Lord for generations, and just when he ignites his lightsaber, they zone out and just stand there. By And also new intel doesn't prevent from shooting at ships. Snow - Kit Fisto. Because they are expensive? Another Jedi ace can make them obscured too but it is a paler version of the Biggs ball and more costly. Obi-Wan Kenobi would have left the Jedi Order for Duchess Satine, Nute Gunray is every bit a racist Asian stereotype, Savage Opress gave me six insights as to why Star Wars is really a story about revenge. “You’re just in time.” Which did not, in any way, explain why Anakin was using the Force to levitate Skip, nor why the … And then there's Jar Jar.moodMoody Writing. (“Holly Shit! Mace Windu electrocuted and thrown to death by Darth Sidious. This is awesome. ...the part where Kit defends himself basically lasts five seconds. 4. He'll have swarms of Torrents around him. You don't get to alpha this guy and his torrents. Waaay cool! Jan 9, 2017 - Explore Peyton Taylor's board "Kit Fisto" on Pinterest. I always felt that Kit Fisto's #%#@-eating grin in AOTC was hilarious - LOL. Now the Jedi must protect Mon Cala's new leader, the young Prince Lee-Char, from the attack." You're right. Here’s the last part in the series! Kit replied smoothly, flashing a dazzling grin. However, the clones are not alone, as the droids find out with the sudden arrival of Jedi Master Kit Fisto! That's an awesome clip. It’s The Creature from the Black Lagoon! Kit Fisto: A Jedi Master during the Galactic Republic. Astrid tactics is a place he could shine, so fair point. but there are certainly times when *Having* it is better than *not*, and what other sources of it do you have? Kit Fisto was known for his smile. Kit Fisto was a renowned male Nautolan Jedi Master in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. ROTS had him with a robe too. Kit Fisto is one character that could have really benefitted from a massive grin. This is awesome and I am sending it on to my son and grandsons who are passionate Star Trek followers. Obi-Wan nodded to Fisto as he walked inside. Compared to what? For extra credit you can activate them first next turn and both heal on the station and attack as well. During the Clone Wars his padawan Nahdar Vebb got killed by General Grievous. Commentary: Since Hasbro put out an animated Kit Fisto in 2009, I was bewildered as to why we'd get another one in 2010 already. No adept 2 but swarm gives one re roll. The Zillo Beast is the Godzilla of the Star Wars u... Water War shows us the incredible technology of th... Ventress is a villain I can really cozy up to. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s December release date is edging closer, with anticipation beginning to rise. I love the Star Wars films, just not all the spin off stuff like merchandise, games, cartoons.Sorry!I can't wait for the next three new films though! This is true Its a "worse" scatter but needs two accuracies to lock it down. Kit often got deployed on water worlds, because he had the ability to breathe underwater. sw0044. Saesee Tiin with Cape. It turns out because Hasbro wanted to make a better one, which is the reason we want to hear for this kind of thing. He needs to star in his own movie. They can turn on them any time! Technically true, but it can still be acc. sw0043. 2 hull screen right next to your ships looks like a fine way to fly brawling acclamators spam. Nov 29, 2019 #21 ThallJoben said: General Grievous makes a pretty good bad guy, I think. Rex took the opportunity while Kit was distracted to reach up and tease the Jedi's green pecks. 1. It would have taken time away from other story developments if they had given that battle the time it really deserved. :-DSome Dark Romantic. >sigh