In trapezoid ABCD with bases AB and DC, diagonals intersect at point O. EFis the median. Problem. (1) 32 (3) 3 (2)6 23 In the diagram of circle O below, chord AB intersects chord CD at £, DE = 2x + 8, EC = 3, AE = 4x-3, and EB = 4. Regents Exam Questions G.G.40: Trapezoids Name: _____ 2 6 In the diagram below of trapezoid RSUT, , X is the midpoint of , and V is the midpoint of If and , what is the length of ? Find each measure. What is the value of x? 1 In trapezoid RSTV below with bases RS ___ and VT ___, diagonals RT ___ SV ___ intersect at Q If trapezoid RSTV is not isosceles, which triangle is equal in area to RSV? 2. 25. (1) RQV (3) RVT (2) RST (4) SVT 2 In the diagram below, XYV TSV . Correct answer to the question In the diagram below, trapezoid abcd maps to trapezoid a'b'c'd'. geometry. the bases of a trapezoid have measures of 16 and 8. find the measure of the median. 28. It shouldn't be hard to use trigonometry to bash this and find the height, but there is a much easier way. Solution for In the diagram below, EF is the median of trapezoid ABCD. 22 In the diagram below of right triangle ACB, altitude CD is drawn to hypotenuse AB. Solution Solution 1. Since we have , with the ratio of proportionality being .Thus So the sides of are , which we recognize to be a right triangle. - D E, F A If AB = 5x – 9, DC =x + 3, and EF = 2x + 2, what is the value of x? Use this space for computations. Model Example: Practice: 1. geometry. 27. The midsegment of a trapezoid is the segment that connects the midpoints of the legs of the trapezoid. So,
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