If [Nix] is killed, it will respawn after about 24 hours. Why? Hop to the lower level, but don’t enter the refinery yet. Tach. If you revisit Bogano, however, you can find yourself an extra Stim Canister and a Weapon Upgrade in addition to a bunch of cosmetics, force echoes, and scans. A ship will drop two troopers to the left and two more to the right. After your meeting, you’ll be pointed directly at an open door with a rebel trooper standing next to it. There are two regular attacks for the Wyyyschokk, as well as a web-spitting attack and a pounce. Unlike many other boss fights in Jedi: Fallen Order, this one is not at all about blocking or deflecting attacks. We’re headed back to Zeffo. From where the trooper was, turn left and open the door. The Commander seems content to hang at the back rather than engaging, so you might as well take advantage of that to thin their ranks. After disembarking, chat with Cere and Greez a couple of times before continuing on. Climb up and then slide across the red beams. Go have a lie down, Internet. You can parry this and follow up with a few hits. Never wait for the spider to act; just strike, strike, strike, and roll out of the way whenever you see it rear up and turn red. Workbench 0. The most recent episode of The Mandalorian was yet another kickass adventure that locks in all the pieces we need for the season finale which is leading to a showdown between Din Djarin and Moff Gideon. Inspect the heap of droids against the back wall for the Battle of Kashyyyk scan. After that, get some distance from the second one and clean up the easier enemies in the area. The cave will exit out to a metal platform. Repeatedly press the button that appears on screen to break free. After they’re defeated, go through the door that the Commander was defending. Be aggressive with this enemy, and feel free to Push him to knock him off balance. Reward: New Lightsaber Material Acquired. At the base, start shooting at the Troopers and take out the large, cylindrical turrets as well. When it does, you have a moment to get in to attack this enemy. Check the glowing spot on the left for a Life Essence. They may be regular grenades (which aren’t a huge threat) or an electric trap. Exit the lift and the adjacent corridor and kill the troopers. Knock down the large pipe to create a bridge back to just before the steam pipe. Let the enemy spit all over the ground and avoid that spot. When you reach the corner, use BD-1 to Overcharge the machine. At the top will be a covered panel on a column. After defeating the Security Droid, try using the terminal again to free some Wookies. The most dangerous of the three is definitely the Bounty Droid, simply because you can’t manhandle it like you can with the other two. Open the chest for the shyyyo poncho material. Armed with all sorts of dangerous gear, and almost always facing you in teams of two, these late-game enemies will test you to your limits on the higher difficulty levels. Beat on the Security Droid. Be sure to visit the Detours and Revisits section if you want to pick these up! Either is especially effective if you’ve upgraded your abilities so that you can affect large groups. Squeeze through the vents, and you’ll come out in a large room with a big machine. The Battle of Kashyyyyk. I swear there is nowhere I haven;t been. Turn left to look back at the way you came down the hill. Kill the trooper and continue along the path. More than likely, it’d be easiest to just polish off the last few troopers before engaging the Wyyyschokks. Repeat that process series a few times to take it down. Stand where the Scout was a reflect blaster bolts at the two Stormtroopers on the far side. Remember not to swing three times unless you feel extremely confident in your ability to defend against a very hard counter-attack. Near one of the exits is a bunch of spider eggs. When they finish a flurry of attacks, try to counter-attack to score a hit. Cut through them to reach a large room with platforms in the four corners and a pit in the middle. Don’t do this. Turn right to see a locked door next to a Wookie and a Rebel Trooper. This makes up most of your battle with them. When the opportunity presents itself, have BD-1 serve as a distraction while you take care of the pilots. The Haxion Brood Commando and the Bounty Droid are both far more annoying than the regular Bounty Hunter, because they both utilise charge attacks which are tricky to avoid because they track you as you move, and take off a good chunk of your health when they hit. Hop down on the pipe and follow it across to the distant doorway. If not, dodge again. Three swings and a dodge. Step on the white lights of the elevator to be taken up to the roof. Turn around and face the Overcharge panel on the far end. Use the wheel segment as a wall and run across it. BD-1 will run over to it, open it up, and prepare to activate it for you. Go through the leading to the cockpit. Force Echo 0. Continue past them to the wall directly ahead. The Edmonton rail terminal, next to Imperial’s Strathcona refinery, is a joint venture operated by Pembina Pipeline that started up in April 2015. ... To find the Albino Wyyyschokk, go to outside save point in the Imperial Refinery. Three Troopers will rush out on to the bridge, but you should be able to destroy the bridge before they ever have a chance to open fire. Tagged with Electronic Arts, feature, guides, Respawn Entertainment, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. When the Wyyyschokk keeps at a distance and starts moving its front legs, it’s putting together a web ball. On the other side, turn right, hop across the small gap in the catwalk, and run across the rotating platform by using Slow. Employees at Pointe-a-Pierre are enquiring about Shanti Sahadeo, who has just been made Head, Business Development and Planning. Hit a Flame Beetle to kill it. Drop into the pit and take one of them out immediately if possible. Do the same with the Scout if you want. Head into the structure when you’re ready and go through to the far side. Make use of terrain and obstacles whenever you need time to heal up, and make sure you have enough Stim Canisters to keep you going! After you’ve taken out one of the two, the other will become far easier to deal with, whether they’re a Bounty Droid, a Commando, or just a regular Bounty Hunter. Dodging the other attacks is a pretty safe strategy. Shortly after you enter the Imperial Refinery, you’ll find a room where some flametroopers are battling some flame beetles. Insurgent Activity – 3. Hop across the cells to the right and climb to the doorway above. Move ahead from there and you will be the Imperial Refinery then you will hit a meditation point, use it and go ahead, push the nearby bridge down. If the Wookie and/or the Security Droid are still alive, they’ll likely draw the attention of the Scouts, allowing you to get behind them for an easy kill. Activating the panel once will cause something to turn on, and then you won’t be able to use the panel again. When you get on top, start making your way to the back of the AT-AT. On the far side, climb up to the top of the platform. It sounds like a new tomb has been found. But that’s not all we have on Jedi: Fallen Order, not by a long shot. Imperial Refinery. When you reach the mesh, slide to the left under the Troopers in the booth having a conversation about boots. If you can parry THIS attack, you’ll receive a prompt to perform an attack. Their numbers should have dwindled. That means that more attacks will follow behind it. At the top, jump to the next platform and Push the Scout into the drink. After defeating the Albino Wyyyschokk, inspect this hollow. The refinery supplies the Quebec, Ontario and US markets with a variety of essential products. When a group of space-faring creatures called purrgil began eating the gas, he ordered his staff to kill them to prevent losing the resource. They make use of long combos and huge stamina bars to be a huge thorn in your side. There’s a rope hanging down that you can jump to. Once they are defeated, go through the door they were defending. Hit the two Beetles and back off. Ignore the Flametroopers as the Wookie will keep them busy. Yushyn was the boss of a Mining Guild Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery around the year 3 BBY. From the save point, turn right and find the mud with tracks in it leading to the edge. As soon as you arrive at Kashyyyk, you’ll find yourself in a tricky situation. As you approach, he’ll be blasted out by a fighter. When that is defeated, the day will be won. This fight will be handled in several waves. When you’re done, find the red mesh on the side of the room. These are all easy to deal with. After a combo, dodge the next attack. Wave 4 – Wave four is the hardest. How to beat the optional mini-boss. Locations. This is too easy. Yeah, we hated them too. You’ll want to wait until the last possible moment before you jump off to make sure that you get enough distance to reach the mesh wall at the end. It can get close and hit you or even cause a damaging explosion (it will glow red first), but they aren’t generally aggressive. You’ll wake up onboard the Haxion Brood’s prison asteroid, Ordo Eris, and must fight your way through the Haxion Fight Pit in order to escape. Head left at the end and interact with the switch to call a lift. Wave 1 – As soon as you reach the rooftop, you’ll see a Wookie fighting two Flametroopers and a Security Droid. The Battle of Kashyyyyk. In the room beyond are two Stormtroopers and a Trooper Commander. Unfortunately there is no power shot to take advantage of with the Commando like there is with the Bounty Hunter, but you can still easily deal with one by getting up close and personal, delivering a powerful strike that sends them crashing to the floor, and then following up with some more attacks. I can't find any lore areas, force interacts, anything to complete that last 4%. Collectibles. Area 0. Go to the nearby elevator and take it down. They’re in the Imperial Refinery, in the area where you fight the Albino Wyyyschokk mini-boss. Try to regain your bearings. The missile is devastating if it hits you, but it’s fairly easy to see coming and roll out of the way, and you can actually position yourself so that it hits the other enemy a lot of the time, so this is more just a useful way of delivering extra damage. Thankfully, the Slyyyg is quite slow. But the trick with these fights is definitely to focus on damaging the weakest enemy (the Bounty Hunter if there is one, followed by the Commando) while defending against both enemies at once as well as you can. On death, [Nix] drops an amount of items equal to the remaining amount of players left in the boss zone. Waterdown to Finch Project Learn more. When you’re done meditating, turn towards the huge gap in the middle of the room. If you can get far enough back, they won’t be able to hit you. If it does, parry it and go for a three-hit combo, but make sure to immediately dodge after that as it usually recovers from a parry with an unblockable attack. This one acts similarly to a mini-boss, so may actually prove itself to be the most powerful of the bunch. You’ll come across two Flame Beetles and a new enemy called a Slyyyg. It has two charging attacks, one of which is completely unblockable. They are very aggressive and have long combos, but this also means that they can sometimes carry themselves right past you as you sidestep, allowing you to counter-attack behind their defenses. Cyberpunk 2077 guides. Once again, find the small path and cut through the vines. Is anyone else having trouble finding the final part to get to 100% map in the Imperial Refinery on Kashyyk? They are also sometimes binary. Run out onto the catwalk and turn left. Continue around the corner and pull yourself up into the booth. The second attack is much more important. Put the chest on your right and face the path so that it curves to your right. Use the gallery below to see the details of each [Boss Monster]. This will open that door. Once you’re situated, Cal will be looking downward. Leave through the same door as the Wookies. If you turn left while look at the door, you’ll see a trio of troops chatting. If you’re managing to whittle down the Trooper’s stamina bar, but they back off, use Push. This will take you into the Forest Trench. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/.../faqs/78061/the-imperial-refinery-of-kashyyyk Turn to the huge gap in the trench and jump to the vine to swing across. Interact with it to get a double-blade lightsaber(this lightsaber can also be obtained by finding the secret workshop on Bogano). If the Security Droid managed to defeat any enemies, this should unlock the Don't Mess With BD-1 achievement. Go straight and get to the meditation spot - this will activate Eno Cordova's hologram. All Overcharge spots have the same type of panel, but they may appear on different walls and columns. Walk over to it to climb onto it. All purge troopers are tough, and using only one method of dealing damage will often cause the fight to take far longer, giving you more chances to make a mistake and get hit. After that, it really only has one other attack. When it shoots it at you, it will split into three pieces making a cone shape. Line up the zip line so you can slide down to the other side, then turn right to return back to the Trench. ... To find the Albino Wyyyschokk, go to outside save point in the Imperial Refinery. Climb from the lower-left piece to the upper right corner. You can’t currently see him, but behind the last pillar on the right is another Scout that will come out to attack when you make your way to the door at the far end. When you press down on the D-Pad, it will turn on the crane and move the zip line. Things are about to get intense. It’s quite a bit of time on the elevator, so you may want to come back for it later, but it’s easy enough to get now. The very first time you’ll face a Bounty Hunter, it’s a bit scripted. This makes it harder to judge which attack is coming and act appropriately. This means you can’t parry the attack and get an instant kill on your enemy. You’re in control of the AT-AT with BD-1 as your copilot, though you’re mostly on your own with this one. The Nanticoke refinery is located in southwestern Ontario. Like before, feel free to Push him clear off the platform. Most [Boss Monsters] only spawn once every 24 hours. Mech Mechanic Simulator's demo is a relaxing way to spend time with mechs, This mod puts Half-Life: Alyx's gravity gloves into Skyrim VR. If you want to layer on the damage, when you dodge, if you’re close enough, perform a heavy attack.

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