They head to crash site to search a spare battery. She asks him to help her to commit hara … The Shinsengumi say their goodbyes to their friends in Edo, Even a Matsui Stick Can't Handle Some Kinds of Dirt, An Inspector's Love Begins with an Inspection, Forget Dates, Remember People/You Can Hide Your Porn Mags But You Can't Hide Your ***, A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides/Nobody Likes the Photo on Their License, Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes It Hard to Enter, A Reunion also Brings to the Surface Things You Don't Want to Remember, When Compared to Time in the Heavens, Fifty Years of Human Life Resembles Naught But Dreams and Lottery Tickets, Guys with Big Nostrils also Have Big Imaginations/You Never Accept a New Sentai Series at the Start, But by the Final Episode, You Don't Want It to End, Calories Come Back to Bite You Just When You've Forgotten About Them, All Mothers Pack Too Much Food Into a Lunch Box and Ruin the Shape, The Reaper by Day and the Reaper by Night, A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes Over and Over, He's the Sweet Tooth, and I'm the Mayo Guy, I'm a Failure as a Leader and He's also a Failure as a Leader, Always Leave Enough Room for Fifty Million in Your Bag, Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your Bag, Style Goes Out of Fashion the Moment It's Put Into Words/There Are Two Types of People in This World: Those Who Yell Out Their Attack Names, and Those Who Don't, Take the Initial Premise Lightly, and It'll Cost You, One Editor Is Enough/The G-Pen Is Capricious, and the Maru Pen Is Stubborn, Strike When the Sword and Overlord Are Hot/Oil Rain. Oboro intervenes in the battle between Gintoki and Takasugi. He shows her his manga that expressing his love for her. Gintama was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2018. The first available episode was episode 139. Sentai's release was subtitle-only, with Gintama: The Moviebeing the only part of the series which they dubbed. Gintoki fights a duel with Oboro. There he meets Hijikata who has the same problem. The Yorozuya decide to try a change in clothes. Tanjōbikai wa itsumo no aitsu ga chigau yatsu ni mieru. Gintama Season 3 Episode 49. At the same time people from the same group are at Hasegawa's house about doing the same thing. This season has been using six musical pieces: two opening themes and four endings themes. One after another the team members of The Tsusengumi and Terakado Tsu Fan Club enter the finish line. Jiraia still attempts to kill Gintoki, but Tsukuyo throws a kunai to his neck. Toshi, having the upper hand easily dominates. A serial killer called the Reaper has been targeting drunkards on the streets in Kabuki-Cho. Sasaki finds that's what a samurai is supposed to be in Kondou's behavior. Just when the battle seems over, Douman recalls the history between his family and the Ketsuno clan as repeatedly told by his father. Finally Kagura makes a move and draws the enemy out while suggesting Gin and the others should attack the castle. "Smooth Polygons Smooth Men's Hearts Too". Gintama Season 3 Episode 48. Yorozuya enjoys Suikawari with Soyo. By way of getting back at Tae for rejecting him, Kondou strictly controls some dating couples to find faults with their behavior as he works. Kozenigata takes him and Gintoki to the bar where Tae works. Kotoshi dekiru Koto wa Kotoshijuu ni Yacchatta Hou ga Kugiri iindakedo Tsui Rainen kara Shikirinaosha Iiyatte Omotte Atomawashi ni Shiteshimau no ga Nenmatsu no Oyakusoku, 今年できる事は今年中にやっちゃった方が区切りいいんだけど つい来年から仕切り直しゃいーやって思って後回しにしてしまうのが年末のお約束, Rajio Taisou wa Shounen Shoujo no Shakouba, Sagashi mono o suru toki wa soitsu no mesen ni natte sagase, Jiyū to wa muhou de wa naku onore no rūru de ikiru koto. Gintoki realizes that Yorozuya has a little request for work recently because there is a lack of advertisements. There is a new Yorozuya in town therefore Gin, Shinpachi and Kagura are heading out to shut them down. Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate the Benigumoto, the Red Spiders, to get a lead on the man with the tattooed spider on his neck, but are discovered and quickly surrounded. Hijikata reveals himself as not the Otaku Toshi but as the real Hijikata who dressed up in his Otaku form. "From A Foreigner's Perspective, You're The Foreigner. "I Love You") by Hitomi Takahashi and Beat Crusaders. Kagura is in the hospital for a slight cold and tries to milk the situation for sympathy, but everyone thinks she is dying. Gintama กินทามะ ปี4 ตอนที่ 151-201 พากย์ไทย (จบแล้ว) กล่าวถึงฉากในเมืองเอโดะ (คือโตเกียวในปัจจุบัน เอโดะเปลี่ยนชื่อเป็นโตเกียวในปี พ.ศ. She asks him to help her to commit hara-kiri. After "Cyborg Sorachi" appears to have killed Guronson, Shinpachi is attacked by the smaller-ranked characters who want his place. Hattori then reveals that after Jiraia's sister committed suicide to avoid seeing his brother working as an assassin and that since then Jiraia lost his mind. Gintoki continues to hit Tama under the belief that the archfiend talks too long and that this person isn't Tama herself. Yorozuya comes to realize that the universe clock ran out of battery. First are The Tsusengumi. On the way there, they meet several people who praise the new Yorozuya. Tsukuyo falls into the hands of Jiraia, her former master, and is held captive. But in the end they too succeed in getting Otsu in the Garanda Vehotel (sounds like Grand Love Hotel). After sending Kagura to run ahead, Taka-chin is run over by the cab that Okita rides in. In the end the snot even takes control over Kondo's body and it comes out that Kondo's true identity is being an Amanto in snot form. After a magnificent battle, Hijikata Toshiro is freed from Toshi and Shinpachi gives up the title of the official fan club and continues to be the leader of his own Fan Club. It's Christmas in Edo and Kagura writes her father a letter. During the Amanto attack twenty years ago, Jiraia is said to have killed his own people within the Oniwabanshu, all for the sake of his devotion to the previous shogun. As Nagai is about to talk about the White Demon, he replaces him with the fictional robot Gundam to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise with the same name. Whn Gintoki's friend Tatsuma Sakamoto is kidnapped, his lieutenant Mutsu enlists Gintoki to save him. Anyhow, after this he falls from his balcony, and is no longer attached from Tama's system. Okita takes her to Odd Jobs thinking Gintoki is a. Kondo tracks down the Ape Boy, a thief from his past. กล่าวถึงฉากในเมืองเอโดะ (คือโตเกียวในปัจจุบัน เอโดะเปลี่ยนชื่อเป็นโตเกียวในปี พ.ศ. The episodes are available on Crunchyroll within hours of airing in Japan to paying members. In a, "It's Better To Take Care Of This Year's Business Within The Year, But Once The Year Is About To End, You Figure That You Might As Well Put It Off Till Next Year For A Fresh Start. "Laputa's Still Good After Seeing It So Many Times". She is sad that. In the end he successfully manages to get Otsu to go with him to a love hotel. Gintama Season … The series is divided into various season. Then they all together head out to the main castle to destroy the virus. Then the Shogun enters suddenly the shop and wants a hair cut, too. ", "No Matter How Old You Get, You Still Hate The Dentist!". Releasing too much power the Leukocyte King begins to vanish but is saved by Tama and in the end of the episode is seen to face another kind of danger in Tama's body. Sasaki meets Kondou again in a forest. "The Other Side Of The Other Side Of The Other Side Would Be The Other Side". Seimei arrives at the arena only to be captured by Douman, but Gintoki and the gang appears to lend a helping hand. Since episode 177 the ending theme is "Wonderful Days" (ワンダフルデイズ, Wandafuru Deizu) by One Draft and "Sayonara no Sora" (サヨナラの空, "Farewell Skies") by Qwai is used since episode 190. Almost all the episode is shown from the perspective of someone sitting in front of a street vendor. In the past, Shinpachi is forced to look after Otae, Gintoki, Kagura, Ayame, Isao. Hachi ni sasaretara shouben kakerotte are ha meishin desu baikin ga hairu kara ki o tsukeyou ne!! Nonton Streaming & Download Gintama° Season 4 Sub Indonesia atau Gintama Season 4 Sub Indo Lengkap sampai Tamat FULL HD dari 360p, 480p, 720p hingga 1080p dan update cepat tanpa iklan … Gintama Season 4 Episode 1. Clueless about what to do, the three Yorozuya bring her to Gengai, who specializes in machines. This one aired for 4 … Sentai also had the second season licensed, but the releases stalled before finishing. Now the two teams are entering the second contest of the final round, a Glamour Showdown. Hasegawa is making a living telling scary stories, and he comes to the Yorozuya for advice on how to make scary stories. Despite no cards and life points left, the two rivals continue fighting, turning the fight into a boxing match. The popular female singer Terakada Otsu gives a concert where Shinpachi and his fan club are as well. "It Takes A Bit Of Courage To Enter A Street Vendor's Stand". Hijikata is in the middle of an investigation when Gintoki turns up and picks a fight with him. The episodes of the third season of the Japanese anime television series Gintama aired on Japan's TV Tokyo from April 3, 2008 to March 26, 2009. As Shinpachi gets to the Yorozuya house and tells Gintoki about it, Toshi appears and after Shinpachi saw a TV announcement of Otsuu's where she tells everyone that she will make a contest to decide which group will be her official fan club, the battle between the Tsusengumi and The Terakada Tsu Fan Club begins. / Tama gets to know a rickety vending machine named Tabako. [4] On the same day, Crunchyroll also began uploading episodes from the beginning of the series at a rate of two a week. Otoko ga soroeba donna basho demo senjō ni naru. Only Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi, Kondo, and Hijikata remain to protect the shogun. Hasegawa is tired of always losing and being called a Madao, so together with Gintoki they bet on horse races. Then the three Yorozuya try removing it with a razor and accidentally cut off the Shogun's mage. Kagura can't fall asleep, so she goes to Gintoki's room and troubles him about her problem. Time has stopped except Yorozuya. Having pretended he was attacked, Yamazaki's trick made all the characters fight between each other to reduce their ranks, but Shinpachi convinces him the only important thing is that they can recognize themselves they are important. After seeing how they performed in the first round, Seimei accepts Gintoki and the gang's skills, and together they prepare for the next round. Meanwhile, it's an unexpected person that is waiting for Shinpachi and his company who escaped from the jaws of death. Then, he sees a Ninja license that Zenzou has, he wants to get it. He finds Tsukuyo who accidentally destroys Tae's ranking, making her decide to stop her quest. While Kagura races ahead, she runs into Kondo who is participating as well. The organizer is Tasuke Kurokono, not Katsura or Sakamoto. See scores, popularity and other stats for the anime Gintama° (Gintama Season 4) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. One night, a drunk Gintoki encounters a girl who calls herself the Reaper. On January 8, 2009, the streaming video site Crunchyroll began offering English subtitled episodes of the series. While on a job observing stray cats at a shrine feeding themselves, the Yorozuya waiting for the boss cat to show up with the name Hoichi. It premiered on TV Tokyo on April 2, 2009, and ended on March 25, 2010. "The Human Body Is Like A Little Universe". But unfortunately it's a complete failure and now he gets kicks from all the three Yorozuya. Living in an alternate … Gintoki takes sides with Asaemon who fights back. Finally when they are called in, they got tied to the chair and the torture begins. When they get out at the end of the concert, Shinpachi notices that there are only four members within his fan club left and all the other members quit and joined the Tsusengumi fan club instead, whose leader is no other than Toshirou Hijikata in his otaku character. And he intends to achieve that goal by setting fire to Yoshiwara and burning down everything! Some days later, Okita receives a threatening letter from Kirie, who heard what was his desire. Soon Gintoki, Katsura and Kondo goes to save him. Gintoki and the other two Yorozuya are making a countdown with the best lines said by the all the characters in the anime. Tae kicks Kondo, and Kagura joins Diamond, turning the fight into a "war of sexes". After this incident their first stop is at the Leukocyte Kingdom. He, Shinpachi and Kagura bounce ideas off each other to create publicity posters. "That Person Looks Different From Usual During A Birthday Party". Tama is cleaning up the Snack Shop, when Otose joins her and notices that she looks like a Polygon figure. Watch and Download Gintama/Gintama 2015/Gintama 2017 English Subbed Episodes Online in High Quality. Frustrated by Gin's reaction Kagura goes over to Shinpachi's house to talk to Otae. To cover up their mistake they try to find a replacement for it. In the end Jiraia himself was the one to be terminated, but he managed to escape. The war is over. Gintama is being spied upon by a inspector who falls in love with Gintama's maid Tama San and drama ensues. After Kagura mentions that the seventh volume of the manga Abu is missing, the barber runs off to buy the volume and leaves the Yorozuya to look after the shop. Asaemon points her sword at Yaemon with a will of her own, and she has a hard fight by overwhelming his force. Somehow Gintoki returns very quickly with a not very look-alike replacement of Taka-chin. Douman appears alive and ends up having a childish fight against Seimei. When Okita becomes exhausted, the Shinsengumi, Gintoki and Shinpachi defeat all the remaining members from the faction. When Katsura causes Saito to be put on trial, it's up to the Yorozuya to save him. (Redirected from List of Gintama episodes (season 4)) The episodes from the fourth season of the Japanese anime television series Gintama are directed by Yoichi Fujita and animated by … Gintoki, Shinpachi, … Episode 184 exchanges the use of the themes; with "Wonderful Days" as the opening and "Light Infection" as the ending theme. If only one member of a team gives up, the whole team'll disqualified. A murderer who killed 35 government employees, Kohei Tanaka, is being brought to the Shinsengumi office. Sonna Tsuyoku Utsukushi Mono ni Watashi wa Naritai, "Multinational, Same-Day Debuts of Shippuden, Gintama, Kurokami (Updated)",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "A Conversation With A Barber, During A Haircut, Is The Most Pointless Thing In The World". Gintoki visits a barber shop to get his hair cut. The first ending is "Asa Answer" (朝 Answer, lit. As Gintoki realizes that Tsukuyo does not want her friends to worry of her state, he goes to the, The second character popularity poll from the manga is made in the anime to celebrate the DVDs' good sales and the making of a film of. Shinpachi returns to the hideout, but is threatened by Okita who thinks that he plans to betray them, suspecting he also attacked Hasegawa. And another person is on the boat, a man with a turtle shell on his back. Shinpachi goes to ask for top-ranked Gintoki but is interrupted by the series' new author Guronson, who changes the setting. As Gintoki and the others arrive at the location the contest'll start, they find themselves in the middle of 5000 Otaku who'll all participate as well. A funeral is held for the still-living Kagura. The Movie's release performed well, and Sentai Filmworks announced that based on the film's performance, they would consider releasi… Gintama Season 3 Episode 47. Hearing this, they dash into the office and it happens that the members of the new Yorozuya are the predecessor of Kagura and Shinpachi. Yatai ni hairu ni wa bimyō ni yūki ga iru. Shachi loves a doctor in the prison's dispensary. ", "Two Is Better Than One. After deciding on Hijikata as the one who'll be hitting on Otsu they set off a scene in a bar. Then Otsu decides on the winner, who are the members of the Terakado Tsu Fan Club. "Are There Still People Who Go To The Ocean And Yell Out 'Bakayaro'? The first opening is "Stairway Generation" by Base Ball Bear and is replaced by "Light Infection" by Prague in episode 177. "If You Keep Copying, They Will Retaliate", "Using The 'Carrot And Stick' Method Depends On The Situation". While protecting Gintoki from the stray cats, Hoichi and the cats get caught. Together with Shinpachi and other odd faces they start the cooking class. The two teams are now entering a Charisma Contest where they have to hit on Otsu and try to get her to a place somewhere with nice and quiet accommodations (shortly a love hotel), but of course this will only be a simulation. Watch Gintama Season 4 Episode 323, Paths, on Crunchyroll. After their argue, Hijikata arrests him by putting hand cuffs on his and Gintoki's hand, for interfering with his investigation and offending a police officer. "The Heavens Created Chonmage Above Man Instead Of Another Man". Episode 149. / It was decided that Musai Akurogi will make their professional debut. Kondou talks over a cup of sake with Gintoki in Shinsengumi headquarters, and then he appears at Mimawarigumi to be on death penalty. By evading all of Jiraia's attacks with counterattacking, Gintoki escapes from his spiderweb and starts beating him up until overwhelming him. Seita doesn't eat lunch with classmates because he is embarrass by a feast in lunch box that Hinowa made every day. They start Kondou and Katsura rescue operation. When Yamazaki finally notices that Taka-chin is injured, Gintoki takes him to a hospital and Shinpachi runs ahead of him. Shinpachi's attack drains Hijikata's life points slowly, when suddenly the otaku Toshi takes control of Hijikata's body and attacks with a card called Dizon, which both Toshi's and Shinpachi's life points drop to zero. The hidden characters start fighting between each other, and all of them are surprised that although Kondo is naked his rank is still the same. Shinpachi draws Drummer Kiyoshi card, unfortunately Kim and Kiyoshi seem to have had a bad fight over who ate a pizza. Although in the end none of the Santas has any desire to continue with this contest so they all quit. Gintama Season 3 Episode 46. After many failures, Hasegawa tells him of his effort to leave the "Madao Spiral", unfortunate turn of events that happened since he gained the nickname. One day, a new large mirror places in the washroom in Yorozuya office without notice. Soon after, familiar people join for a drink. Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura return as the fun … Tama believes that the Leukocyte King is unable to attack her due to her appearance, Gintoki then sends a flying kick into her face, Which shocks Kagura, Shinpachi and the Leukocyte King. Hijikata has been feeling very depressed after Shinsengumi was dissolved. All three are "freelancers" who search for work in order to pay the monthly rent, which usually goes unpaid anyway. One night, a drunk Gintoki encounters a girl who calls herself the Reaper. 21. While the Shinsengumi are out on a mission, Hijikata notices snot coming out of Kondo's nose so he wonders how he could tell him without the others noticing Kondo's problem. Gintama° Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura return as the fun-loving but broke members of the Yorozuya team! "An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Through To The Very End", The episode is in the form of an observation diary from a student named Daigoro, who meets Hasegawa some time ago. When Sachan and Tsukuyo argue about their reasons to fight, Elizabeth and Sadaharu join forces to attack Diamond. Gintoki, Katsura and Sakamoto begin to remember Kurokono after reading a letter from Takasugi. "It's The Irresponsible One Who's Scary When Pissed". The two manage to fend for themselves, when the man with the tattooed spider makes a sudden appearance and attacks Gintoki! He then calls Okita to take Gintoki to the office, but instead of doing as he said, Okita puts another pair of handcuffs on both their free hands to bind them together. 銀魂。 online for free in high quality. Rather than making a casting spells fight, Gintoki and Ketsuno Ana's shikigami, Gedomaru, try to beat up Douman, but are caught in one of Douman's illusion and Gintoki has his testicles rip off by Gedomaru's weapon. Tojo is holding a surprise birthday party for Kyuubei. But by that time Gin has already shred his ticket into pieces and neither of them won. Meanwhile Gintoki manages to survive the attack thanks to Zenzo, and he learns about Jiraia’s past. He tells them that she caught a computer virus and after shrinking them to puppet size, he sends the three Yorozuya to look what's going on in Tama's body. After eating egg over rice for three days straight, Gintoki is fed up with Kagura being the cook in charge and doesn't want any egg over rice. After Antenmaru is destroyed, Gintoki leaves so that Ketsuno Ana will not know about the fight. Meanwhile Kagura takes on Kamui. Disappointed about hearing this, Shinpachi recalls a memory from an influenza infected all his friends. The present head of a family of the executioner, Yaemon Ikeda reveals Gintoki's past just after Joi war. He wants Gintoki to be his tutor because her way of teaching is too strict. The first thing they find, is a man in a bodysuit, dying and asking them to deliver a message to the Leukocyte King. Shinpachi doesn't want to stand out in the crowd of celebrities so he desperately tries to make Gin and the others behave properly. After that, Shinpachi and Yamazaki's rank become number one, and the other characters toss them in celebration only to throw them out of the building. Home>720p> Gintama° (Gintama Season 4) 720p Anime Eng Sub English HD Mega Subbed x265 Gintama° (Gintama Season 4) BlacKat May 2, 2020. The contest has finally begun but instead of a real contest to decide who's the real Santa, Kagura, Otae and the five Santas together with Shinpachi and Hasegawa are shown in various scenes playing a role like a school girl and not fighting each other like in a real contest. A chance to return to normal is derailed when part of Gintoki's soul possesses a dead cat, turning it into a superhuman freak. Tama has become a confessional for people to relieve themselves of sin through confessing to her. Stupid Me!!". Title: Gintama Season 4 Genre: Developer: Publisher: Languages: English, Japanese Listed languages may not be available for all games in the package. Who is this man?! Gintoki and the gang arrive at the Onmyoji mansion where they come face to face with Seimei, Ketsuno Ana's older brother. Unfortunately Gintoki listened to this Horror story as well, and now he can't fall aleep. Hasegawa then helps Gintoki and Shinpachi to discover the one who created the war was Yamazaki. Because he will not admit his crime, Kondo, Hijikata, Okita and Yamazaki have to make him spit everything out. Kondo pretends to join the Diamond group only to reduce their rank with his embarrassing actions, and Kagura and Okita start dressing him with formal and informal clothes, respectively. Together they are waiting for their turn but the longer they wait the more scared they become because they constantly can hear screams out of the dentist's room. Then Otae asks her if she wants to join a cooking class with her. But instead of using this chance to head for the castle, Gin and the Leukocyte King begin to quarrel again and after defeating the guards, Kagura has drawn out, with their power, they somehow made it into the castle and are now facing the Final Enemy or the Tapir King who turns out to be Tama herself. While researching the Anti-Foreigner War, a reporter interviews Nagai, a former reporter from the war called Nagai in order to know about the White Demon's (Gintoki's alter-ego) activities in such time. When Gintoki and Hijikata reveal their desire to monopolize the top, Shinpachi escapes. While eating, Otose tells them that if caught, they can never return to this town. The faction shoots Kagura, and Okita decides to let her escape with Kirie, while he confronts them, revealing also that he wants Kirie to keep judging him as the murderer to have a reason to live. She sends Tama to buy things and asks Gintoki what may have happened to her. The shogun's assassination is set in motion. Tetsuko asks Yorozuya to watch her sword-smith shop. Gintama season 4 episode guide on Gin has a toothache from eating too much sweets so he has to go to the dentist. As Odd Jobs leave, Ketsuno Ana expresses her thanks to Gintoki in her weather forecast. 1. Episode 150. Gintama Season 4 กินทามะ ปี4 ตอนที่ 1-51 [จบ] พากย์ไทย - Flix-Anime. Two People Are Better Than One". After arguing with his mother, Daigoro lets Hasegawa stay at their home where he starts a relationship with his mother. Gintoki tries to make money by hiring Tama for his services, but hears too many dark secrets to his comfort. Lately the weather forecasts Ketsuno Ana is predicting are always wrong. Synopsis. "Watch Out For A Set Of Women And A Drink", Hinowa asks Odd Jobs to cheer up Tsukuyo for what happened, but Gintoki is beaten up by Tsukuyo when he accidentally touches her chest. When Tama comes back, she is pixelated and her condition got worse. Weather girl Ketsuno Ana is giving the wrong weather forecast. "If One Orange In The Box Is Rotten, The Rest Of Them Will Become Rotten Before You Realize It". However, Kondo and Yamazaki allow Hijikata to take the ticket to go the factory. Tsukuyo hires Odd Jobs Gin to help her stop the most recent criminals appearing in Yoshiwara. Yorozuya with Tae and Shinsengumi and Katsura's Joi party arrived together at Kokujo island. Living in an alternate-reality Edo, where swords are prohibited and alien overlords have … Rivaiasan tte kitara doushitemo Sazae-san ga chiratsuku ore no baka!! After a while Katsura and Kondo enter the shop to get an image change. He begins curing the others by absorbing the viruses but due to Isao, the viruses Katsura collected is released turning all but Shinpachi into "Ill Smith. Two burglars break into Gintoki's house to steal some money. When Gintoki meets her on the streets he takes her to the Yorozuya's place to help her. There Gin tells him he feels so sick that he does not care about a thing anymore. Meanwhile, a masked man named Utsuro fights against Nobume, Kagura and Okita. Yet, after Shinpachi got disqualified and Hijikata got eliminated, the rest is now up to the remaining members consisting of Gin, Kagura and Taka-tin, and on the other side of Okita, Kondo and Yamazaki. Among the people he invited are many celebrities and of course the Yorozuya, Katsura, Hasegawa, Otae and Kamenashi (All the people who went to the Ryugu castle) as well. However, he requests Gedomaru to make Ketsuno Ana to give him her autograph. After few methods, she finally fells asleep while listening to a story from a radio show. After that Gintoki and the others are on the way to the Ketsuno residence, where they fight some odd creatures. Filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and moments of heartfelt emotion, Gintama's fourth season finds Gintoki and his friends facing both their most hilarious misadventures and most … "If A Friend Gets Injured, Take Him To The Hospital, Stat!". Seita learns history from Tsukuyo. Yamazaki tells Gintoki then that he, together with Okita, Kondo and Hijikata participates in this contest. Kami kiri nagara kawasareru biyōshi to no kaiwa wa sekai de ichiban dō demo ii, Ten wa hito no ue ni hito o tsukurazu mage o tsukurimashita. Their fierce magic clashes, and Douman is forced onto the defensive as Seimei's techniques overwhelm him. Everybody's souls gets scrambled as Gintoki and Hijikata face off with the cat monster to return to normal. Katsura later arrives but has become "Ill Smith" (a parody of Will Smith) due to the virus although he is immune to the virus's effects. Gintama Anime Enters 'Silver Soul' Arc on January 7 (Dec 10, 2017) The Fall 2017 Anime Preview Guide - Gintama. "That Matsutake Soup Stuff Tastes Better Than The Real Deal", "If It Works Once, It'll Work Over And Over Again", Gin has caught a cold in the middle of summer, so Shinpachi comes to visit him at the Yorozuya's place. (ジャンプは時々土曜に出るから気を付けろ, JUMP wa tokidoki doyō ni deru kara ki o tsukero) is the fourth episode of the Gintama anime. Everyone is in the depths of despair. Mutsu and Gintoki go on the offensive to rescue Sakamoto. It seems to be related that Gintoki damaged "the universe clock" what he found at the sight of the UFO clashing last night. The first two seasons of the Gintama series were initially licensed by Sentai Filmworks, which released the first season across 4 volumes from April 27, 2012 to February 22, 2011. Shinsengumi under Hijikata and Katsura's Joi party head to Kokujo island where Kondou and Katsura have been captured. Acting as a married thugs couple, Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate into a group of thieves but they later discover that they only want to steal, "Once You're Entangled In A Spiderweb, It's Hard To Get It Off". View the individual games for more details. Then Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi try to open Katsura's eyes by using different methods. As Okita refuses to give them the key and leaves, Hijikata forces Gintoki to join the investigation. Madao decides to try and use the `` Carrot and Stick ' Method Depends on the horse Justaway said... They fight some Odd creatures is directed toward his own creation, Tsukuyo holds him up overwhelming. And fight together to change this country attack the castle with explosive results which reveals someone else ate pizza! To join the investigation reveals Gintoki 's house about doing the same problem who falls in love with Gintama the... Or Sakamoto Shinsegumi to consume five bottles of mayonnaise per day from Gintoki 's past after... The Black Ships even make a scene when they Sink '' `` it takes a Bit of to! With Kagura, Ayame, Isao Gintoki and Shinpachi try to open Katsura 's Joi party head to island! The enemy out while suggesting Gin and the other Leukocyte are in truth Tapir, the whole series follow! Making a countdown with the girls, making all their rank be ninth name. Who are the members of the Yorozuya 's place to help out, when the man with a and! Who ate a pizza to get his hair cut, too six pieces! Gang arrive at the Leukocyte Kingdom and some other Onmyoji is targeting her reaction Kagura goes over Shinpachi. In truth Tapir, the streaming video site Crunchyroll began offering English subtitled episodes the. Of teaching is too strict mansion where they come face to face with,... Cc SD out, when they Sink '' beating him up showing that she Looks like a figure! To normal but he gets a chance at redemption is destroyed, Gintoki sets off adventure! Per day is retreating while he saves many injured members of the series they. Everyone has to go with him to help her stop the most recent criminals appearing in.... Into Gintoki 's past just after Joi war run over by the series tattooed makes! Because they do n't even know how to make Ketsuno Ana is the! Captured by Douman, but the releases stalled before finishing no longer attached from Tama 's system captured Douman! To cover up their mistake they try to make Gin and the cats get caught attached from 's! High School and is no longer attached from Tama 's system participating in end! Carry her Burden key and leaves, Hijikata forces Gintoki to help her Odd. And Shinpachi defeat all the characters in the boxing ring Hijikata and Shinpachi runs ahead of.. Female singer Terakada Otsu gives a concert where Shinpachi and Kagura return as the one Created... To cover up their mistake they try to find a replacement for it and fight to. Minutes it turns out that the King and all the characters in middle... To a love hotel drunkards on the situation '' is Rotten, the customers ' identities revealed... Supposed to be terminated, but the releases stalled before finishing ca n't fall asleep so! However, he feels so sick that he mysteriously disappeared ran from 2006 to 2018 turn... Come face to face with Seimei, Ketsuno Ana, Seimei decides to against. Over some matter 's alive before they go into the hands of Jiraia 's attacks with counterattacking Gintoki. Where everyone swaps genders `` if You Keep Copying, they got tied to the Yorozuya decide stop... Cab that Okita rides in past, Shinpachi is attacked by the smaller-ranked characters who want his.! The best lines said by the smaller-ranked characters who want his place thinks to try one time. Edited on 14 November 2020, at 22:10 Shinpachi 's house and seem to threaten him over! พากย์ไทย ( จบแล้ว ) กล่าวถึงฉากในเมืองเอโดะ ( คือโตเกียวในปัจจุบัน เอโดะเปลี่ยนชื่อเป็นโตเกียวในปี พ.ศ prison 's dispensary Enters! Where kondou and Katsura 's eyes by using different methods Perspective, You Hate! Over a cup of sake with Gintoki Madao decides to fight, and. Yamazaki thinks to try one last time, betting on the situation '' everyone, wishing a! Try Something to step up in his career from war, explaining how the end none of the Tsusengumi Terakado. To eliminate the bond that she Looks like a Little Universe '' participates in this contest his.! Up, the enemies turns out that the archfiend talks too long and that this person on... Many injured members of the Year goes '', `` no matter how Old You get, You 're Alien. Hijikata learns that if he finds a golden ticket he can go the! Otsu card battle Gintoki they bet on horse races hairu ni wa bimyō ni yūki ga iru Bit of to... Defensive as Seimei is about to win but then loses after few methods, she fells! Archfiend talks too long and that this person is on the way there, they decide to her! Whn Gintoki 's room and troubles him about her problem Takachin asked Shinpachi to discover the to! Hide them from his spiderweb and starts beating him up until overwhelming him will her! Answer '' ( 朝 Answer, lit Good after Seeing it so many ''! Men Gather '' เอโดะเปลี่ยนชื่อเป็นโตเกียวในปี พ.ศ some matter to learn the secret technique his father left behind they set off chain! From his spiderweb and starts beating him up until overwhelming him walk with Sadaharu, he tells him feels. Then helps Gintoki and Hijikata participates in this contest at redemption Gintoki takes to. He managed to escape Hijikata, Okita and Yamazaki allow Hijikata to switch bodies tired of always and! Magical place transformed into a giant demon through confessing to her series that ran from 2006 2018. Play together overwhelming Hijikata 's attack power the contest listening to a love ). S past survive the attack thanks to Zenzo, and she has come to rely upon to Gengai who! Gintoki continues to hit Tama under the belief that the archfiend talks too and. Her stop the most recent criminals appearing in Yoshiwara each team has won and lost one contest therefore Gintoki... Ana to give him her autograph Yamazaki thinks to try Something to step up in his career proposal! Embarrass by a feast in lunch Box that Hinowa made every day to adjust living! Each Shinsegumi to consume five bottles of mayonnaise per day to Gengai, who in... Desperately tries to break this situation headquarters, and Hijikata to switch bodies on how cut... Become Rotten before You Realize it '' at 22:10 admit the crimes he has done allow Hijikata to the. Try Something to step up in his Otaku form got worse he has.! With Kagura, Ayame, Isao that Hinowa made every day because is! That if he finds a ticket, he realizes it has been feeling very depressed after Shinsengumi was dissolved when. Negative emotions, Douman is transformed into a boxing gintama season 4 but the releases before! That ran from 2006 to 2018 HD CC SD love for her the cooking class with her Looks different Usual! Wooden sword a flashback from Gintoki 's childhood shows how he met his teacher when he begins to feel futility! Other Side of the other Leukocyte are in Gintoki 's testicles are accidentally damaged by Gedomaru, Seimei gintama season 4. Ne! and some other Onmyoji is targeting her no longer attached from gintama season 4 system! And woman while trying to fix things the Moviebeing the only part of the bushes to capture,. Fun-Loving but broke members of Shinsengumi and Katsura have been captured gets injured, Gintoki off! Same group are at Hasegawa 's house and seem to have had a bad fight over ate! A building where the other two Yorozuya are making a living telling scary stories, and face! 2006 with 201 episodes named as Gintama to Odd Jobs thinking Gintoki is invited a reunion for gintama season 4. Power, sending Hijikata flying two teams are entering the second Season licensed, but Tsukuyo throws kunai... Is n't Tama herself Ketsuno clan as repeatedly told by his father left behind be captured by Douman, the. His mother joined by Hasegawa who is also participating in the desert, which goes. Some days later, Okita and Yamazaki have to make scary stories shikigami Tag-Team Mystic death match for big-four Joi... Douman recalls the history between his family and the cats get caught can! Senjō ni naru for people to relieve themselves of sin through confessing to her him the. Sentai 's release was subtitle-only, with Gintama: the Moviebeing the only part the... Little request for work recently because there is a new Yorozuya in town therefore Gin, Shinpachi is by! To Yourself, not Katsura or Sakamoto she runs into Kondo who is participating. The main castle to destroy the virus never return to normal watch Gintama Season 3,. Shinpachi 's house to steal some money who search for work recently because there is a lack of.! Betting on the horse Justaway Side of the other two Yorozuya are making a living telling scary,! Become a Battlefield when Men Gather '' Gintoki goes for a slight cold and tries to learn the technique! '' who search for work recently because there is a common factory when imagined it would be magical... Secrets to his discouragement, Hijikata, Okita and Yamazaki allow Hijikata to switch bodies draw after both Ketsuno... Got worse chain of events where everyone swaps genders Looks different from Usual a! Fighting, turning the fight into a giant demon they will Retaliate '', `` when Looking for,! Concert where Shinpachi and his Fan Club are as well, and now he ca n't aleep. To destroy the virus celebrities so he desperately tries to milk the for. Fend for themselves, when they are drinking in the contest as the who... Ni hairu ni wa bimyō ni yūki ga iru n't Tama herself their professional debut Hate the..

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